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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
11:54 pm
T-Shirts Now Available!
I tried t-shirts.com, they were kinda pricy, and I didn't care for the selection from Cafe Press. I've ordered one of each and should have them the end of next week. I'll probably have to use Cafe Press to get some mouse pads made, but I already asked Zazzle when they'll start stocking them, so we'll see what happens.

Thursday, June 8th, 2006
1:07 am
Crawling slowly towards online sales
I've gotten my merchant account set up with PayPal and have created the code for linking to my web site. I did a test purchase last night and I now understand how the system works.

I have (hopefully) solved a bit of a dilemma of how I would mail my games.

And Jolly Blackburn of Kenzer Co./Knights of the Dinner Table fame is going to be reviewing my game! Who knows, maybe if he likes it he'll recommend Kenzer buy it, but I mainly want the review. :-)

So the main things that remain are:
-- Refine manufacturing process, which will mean heading down the mountain to work a couple of hours earlier to talk to print shops. Geez, getting up at 8am? Is that allowed?

-- Getting review copies out to people like Jolly and any other game magazines. I'll have to buy a bunch of said magazines the next time I'm at a decent game store for contact information. Does Dragon Magazine still exist? I was looking around the Wiz Kids site and didn't see it.

I'm going to have to check my list, but I think that's about it. I believe I've modified the rules for Zombie Cafe, though I know there are a couple of cards that I need to tweak the text on.

To get Karaoke Screams online, I need to weed the cards a bit, produce two report forms for Avery 5371 cards and for standard 2.5x3.5" playing cards. Then get a copy of Acrobat Distiller and produce the PDFs. I found that I can get the Pro version of said program for $160 as I am still a student.

Now, for Phoenix Con Games, I need to:
-- Get some t-shirts made for product shilling.

-- print fliers for product shilling.

-- print changes to Waste of Celluloid, which is basically reprinting the entire deck.

-- decide what other game(s) that I'm going to take for testing. Probably Critter Capture, it works, but I don't know what's slowing the game down.

I really wish I had time/resources to go to ProtoSpiel with Critter Capture and Zombie Cafe, but it's the weekend before Phoenix Con Games, and we're going to the Colorado Ren Fest that weekend.

I also wish I had Deborak's conciseness when it comes to game designs, I love how small a deck her Drama game has! I don't think I'll ever have a deck that small for my games, not that that is neccessarily a bad thing. ;-)
Saturday, May 13th, 2006
1:55 am
Karaoke Screams moves a step closer to free release
This game is based on Apples To Apples, a game good for four to ten people. You have two decks of cards: Songs and People. You play two rounds. One round will see the players being dealt People cards.

When it is your turn, you are known as The Simon and you draw a Song card. Announce the song title and artist, the other players choose a Person and toss it in front of you. You decide who would sing the worst or funniest version of the song in question. The player who played that person gets the Song card. The player on your left is the next one to be The Simon.

The round ends when one person gets five Songs.

Now the card decks are reversed in role. Everyone hands their cards in but keeps the cards that they have won. The cards are shuffled. Now the Song cards are dealt to the players and The Simon draws a People card are drawn then matched, here we'll be looking for the worst or funniest possible song for that person to perform.

Again, the round ends when one person has won five People. The player with the most People and Song cards wins.

Now you may have noticed the word Free in the subject line. This game will be available for free download from the Spare Brains Games web site. You'll have to print the cards on business card stock, so there will be a little bit of cash outlay on your part, probably around $15.00.

More information on why it's being released for free to appear soon.
Friday, May 5th, 2006
11:51 pm
Appearances in 2006
In mid-May I'll be in Virginia at Bling!Fest 2006, a small, invitation-only party/mini-convention. I'll be conducting demonstrations of Zombie Cafe (along with a few copies to sell) and play-tests of two or three previously-unseen games.

In late July I'll be returning to Phoenix Con Games 2006 in Mesa, Arizona. I'll be running demos and play-tests all four days and hopefully be getting in some gaming on my own. I especially recommend the double-blind Boot Hill, I've played it every year for the past four or five years and have always had a blast, frequently with a double-barreled shotgun.

The convention has a reasonable membership fee, a great hotel room rate, and is in a good area for plenty of good food and other entertainment.

Currently I have no plans to attend a different Phoenix game convention, HexaCon 16, October 13-15.

At this point there are no other appearances planned for 2006, but that's subject to change, naturally.
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